Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

3AS Plastik Boru ve Sistemleri gives its partners access to excellent products in addition to providing above-par and comprehensive logistics services.

Altyapı malzemeleri fiyatları

Infrastructure Systems

In addition to systems such as PVC clean water pipes and fittings, PE-100 pipes and fittings, PE-80 natural gas pipe, PE-32 soft polyethylene, corrugated pipes, 3AS offers many innovative products to the industry such as Apollo o-pvc pressure pipe, oil and oil separator, menhol, q-bic water storage, and infiltration systems.

Üstyapı malzeme fiyatları

Superstructure Systems

3AS Plastik Boru ve S offer many innovative products to the industry such as hepvo anti-odor valve, press-fit systems, silent pipe systems, as well as traditional pipe systems such as PPRC clean water, and PVC waste water, PEX, and PERT.

Sifoniik sistem malzeme fiyatları

Siphonic Systems

The siphonic rainwater drainage is a system created to evacuate rainwater from roof surfaces in a safe and economical way. It is made with specialized strainers and polyethylene pipes. The system’s proper design is the most critical issue. Siphonic rainwater drainage systems are used in industrial, logistical, and many other types of buildings. We offer projecting and design services in siphonic systems.

Floor Heating

Floor heating is the most modern heating system for heating living spaces with low-temperature water flowing through the pipes. Floor heating offers the highest comfort to users. The use of floor heating systems is on the rise and has many benefits over other technologies. Floor heating systems can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, and hospitals, as well as in industrial areas. We offer projecting and design services in floor heating systems.

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